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I Can Tank Better Than You!

The Bucks had an interesting summer of destruction, much like the Sixers. Their best player, Brandon Jennings, was sent packing and they picked up table scraps to fill out their roster (Though their table scraps were veterans, rather than hungry young players). Their early-season tanking returns have been much better than the Sixers, though. They'll bring their 2-8 record into the WFC tonight for a showdown.

Pretty much the only thing the Bucks do well is shoot the three. They're shooting 40% as a team. If you take a close look at the numbers something fishy is going on in Milwaukee. OJ Mayo, Gary Neal and Caron Butler are all shooting very well from three - 53.2%, 52.8% and 37.2% - and each of them is also shooting below 40% from two - 38.8%, 32.2% and 35.7%. Those three guys are averaging 23.4 two-point attempts/game at those pathetic percentages. My guess is they're in love with the long two.

If the Sixers were capable of chasing anyone off the three-point line, they'd have an easy job in front of them tonight. Obviously, they aren't capable of such fundamental defense, in fact, they're opposed to it. So expect about 15 made threes for the Bucks probably leading to an embarrassing loss.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Sixers should have room to work. The perimeter guys aren't very good defenders and MIL will be without Larry Sanders (though Henson is a decent shot blocker).

The tip is at 7pm. I'll be around, join me if you are too.
by Brian on Nov 22 2013
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