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I Want You To Want Me

Whether Evan Turner will, in fact, be the Sixers' pick at number two, whether he should be the pick or not, it's very, very refreshing to hear that he not only wants to be the pick, but that he really wants to play in Philadelphia.

The last time the Sixers held the number two pick, the consensus number two player in the draft basically refused to come to Philly. Keith Van Horn forced a terrible trade and the Sixers wound up with Tim Thomas as their building block.

I do find it interesting that Turner has been so dead set on playing for the Sixers since the lottery. I can understand why he wouldn't want any part of Washington, but if he fell past the Sixers to the Nets, he could be playing with a major star for a crazy, rich owner.

Perhaps it's the Chicago/Illinois connection. Iguodala is from Illinois, Collins coached the Bulls when Turner was a pup. Maybe he likes the pieces in place in Philly. Maybe he just likes the idea of being the number two pick. No matter what the reason, I have to admit it's a refreshing change for a player to want to come here.

As an aside, Doug Collins talked about having a back court duo of Turner and Holiday set for the next seven or eight years in this column. Given the choice of having a core of two guards or a guard and big, which would you choose? Assume, for argument's sake, that it's a given that both guys will be very good, borderline All Stars if not better. In today's NBA, which is a better path to contention, two smalls or a small and a big to build around?
by Brian on Jun 22 2010
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