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Iguodala For Kevin Love + ?

I keep hearing, second and third-hand reports that Andre Iguodala is near the point where he will request a trade. I've yet to see it in print, and hope I never do, but you have to think the Sixers brass is at least considering the possibility. Whether it's a smart move or not isn't the issue I want to tackle, instead, I want to play "smash these two rumors together and see if they fit." The second rumor stemming from Kurt Rambis' continued abuse of his best player, Kevin Love.

In a nutshell, Rambis benched Kevin Love for the final 8-and-a-half minutes of last night's T-Wolves game, and only found 24 minutes of PT for Love (who still notched a double-double). It was widely thought this ridiculous treatment of Love would end when Al Jefferson was shipped out of town, but game one seems to be more of the same. For the record, Love's minutes went to Anthony Tolliver during crunch time.

The speculation is that Love may be the next big to leave Minnesota. If he really is on the block, you can add his name to possible targets for the Sixers in any Iguodala deal.

Here's a package I quickly threw together using ESPN's trade machine:
  • Sixers send Andre Iguodala
  • Minnesota sends Kevin Love, Michael Beasley and Sebastian Telfair
Beasley and Telfair are essentially expiring contracts, Love becomes a cornerstone.

Think of Kevin Love as Spencer Hawes, only he can actually shoot, get to the line, pass, score efficiently and he's the best rebounder in the game. Give Love 36 minutes/game and he's going to lead the league in rebounder, not a doubt in my mind on that one.

If you want a ball-friendly big who can legitimately stretch defenses to the three point line and be a complement to Jrue and Turner, Love is your guy.

He's not without his flaws, he's a bit lumbering and has a reputation as a poor defender (though the numbers don't exactly back that up). His body type also has to be a concern. It's hard to bank on the longevity of naturally hefty guys. He needs to work to stay in shape.

I'll gladly take those drawbacks for a guy like Love, though. Put him on the front line and you've got three pieces of the puzzle assembled, and assembled with versatile, potentially dominant players. The type of players who allow you to make sacrifices at the other two positions. Find a three who can shoot and you don't have to worry about him being able to make plays. Find a big who can block shots and protect the rim and you don't have to worry about how good of a rebounder he is. Those three guys cover up weaknesses, allowing you to give up a little to get exactly what you need from the remaining two positions.

I've been high on Love since before the draft. If the Sixers could find a way to get this deal done, I'd be on board. What about you guys? Would you pull the trigger? More importantly, would the Sixers and the T-Wolves?
by Brian on Oct 28 2010
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