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Phillyburbs.com has a brief piece on the Iguodala situation. The key point seems to be that Iguodala's contract wouldn't put the Sixers over the luxury tax threshold.

At the end of the story, the writer quotes sources as saying they're close on a deal worth north of $70M for 5 years. He speculates that the deal could have a value of $12M this season, with 10.5% increases. This would bring the total value to $72.6M for 5 years ($12M, $13.26M, $14.52M, $15.78M, $17.04M).

If this is accurate, Iguodala's contract will blow away anything signed by the other restricted free agents. Monta Ellis ($67M), Luol Deng ($71M), Okafor ($72M) and Biedrins ($62M) all signed 6-year deals, I'm not sure why they're talking about a 5-year deal for Iguodala.

Here are the average yearly salaries for each deal, to see exactly how much more Iguodala would be making if he did indeed sign this hypothetical contract:

  • Okafor - $12M/year
  • Deng - $11.83M/year
  • Ellis - $11.17M/year
  • Biedrins - $10.33M/year
  • Iguodala - $14.52M/year
That seems excessive to me. If the five-year length is true, I'd have to assume the demand is coming from Iguodala's side. With a five-year deal, he's up for his next contract while he's still on the right side of 30.
by Brian on Aug 6 2008
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