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Iguodala Rumors Taking Shape

Two reports in the past 24 hours centering around Andre Iguodala trade rumors. Details and analysis after the jump.

Chad Ford said the Suns have offered Amare Stoudemire and Leandro Barbosa for Iguodala and Dalembert, but the Sixers have not pulled the trigger. Ford says nothing is imminent, but the Suns have coveted Iguodala for a long time and if Stefanski thinks Amare is the best return he could get for Iguodala, this could be the deal.

My take: I hate it, personally. Bringing in a no-d big like Stoudemire seems like a concession to playing Eddie Jordan's brand of basketball going forward. Worst-case scenario, the Sixers extend Stoudemire for max money and they're stuck with EB and Stoudemire as their building blocks for the next five seasons. Second-worst, Amare doesn't opt out after this season, keeps the Sixers just good enough to miss out on a high draft pick, and we're pretty much stuck where we are right now, except the team can't defend to save their lives.

The second, and most-interesting trade rumor comes from DallasBasketball.com. Mike Fisher apparently has sources telling him Dallas is involved in talks, but the deal wouldn't be for Iguodala and Dalembert, it would have to be for Iguodala and Brand, and the Sixers want some kind of player in return. When you look at the Mavs roster, the only young player who fits the bill is Rodrigue Beaubois. Dallas is trying to figure out if it's worth picking up $108M in contracts for a run at a title in the limited Dirk/Kidd window they currently have open. This deal would work under the cap:

Sixers send Iguodala, Brand
Dallas sends Josh Howard, Dampier, Beaubois

If you're looking for a nuclear option, this is probably it. After making the deal, the Sixers would have $39M committed to 10 players, plus their first-round pick, so roughly $41M committed next season. Possibly as much as $12M to spend on a free agent. The following summer, if they made no moves, they'd have $22M committed to only 8 players, including this summer's first round pick and next summer's. This trade would have the added benefit of making the Sixers the least talented team in the league, and it should ensure a top-five pick in the next two drafts.

If the Sixers do choose to go this route, I'd expect Sam Dalembert to be moved for an expiring contract before the deadline as well, probably to Sacramento.

I don't want any of these trades to happen, I'd much prefer Eddie Jordan and Ed Stefanski to be looking for new jobs, but in terms of rebuilding the franchise, the Dallas deal is a much more productive move.
by Brian on Feb 5 2010
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