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Well, the waiting is over. For all intents and purposes, our roster is set. ESPN.com is reporting the Sixers and Andre Iguodala have agreed on a 6-year, $80M extension.

Too much money? Probably. We've gone over that time and time again. More importantly, what message should this send from the team's front office to the fans? The Sixers are serious about winning.

In this league, luring a free agent from another team to yours is an iffy proposition, at best. The best method for building a champion is to draft well and keep your players. The Sixers drafted well when they got Iguodala with the #9 pick in 2004, and now they've locked him down for 6 years. Had they let this drag on, had him sign his qualifying offer, and then watched him walk away next Summer replacing him would've been nearly impossible. Sure, they could've gotten someone, but probably not someone of Iguodala's caliber.

They may not be there this season, but some time in the near future, the Sixers will be paying the luxury tax. This contract should show us that money won't stand between the Sixers and a championship. That's exactly the message every team should be willing to send to their fans. The key is to spend the money on the right guys, otherwise you're the Knicks and no one wants that.

I wasn't sure how I'd feel if the Sixers overpaid for Andre. Now that it's happened, I'm relieved and I'm pumped for this season. It was the best move to make, no matter what the price. Now he has to go out and earn every penny.

One last note, if you watched the Sixers on the NBA league pass last season, you were treated to just about every single announcer from the opposing team making fun of Andre for turning down the $55M extension last Summer. It looks like he, and the Sixers, had the last laugh. Iguodala bested that extension by about $25M, and the Sixers were able to use the phantom cap space his cap hold provided to land Elton Brand. In a sense, Iguodala saved the Sixers from another deadly BK contract.
by Brian on Aug 12 2008
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