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The Inquirer has the scoop (thanks to Joe for the link). It looks like 6 years/$80M with another $5M in incentives and the 6th season is a player option. A hefty price, but again, the Sixers had to get it done.

Based on the max of 10.5% yearly raises, this is my best guess for the yearly breakdown:
  • '08-09 - $10,561,060
  • '09-10 - $11,669,970
  • '10-11 - $12,778,880
  • '11-12 - $13,887,790
  • '12-13 - $14,996,710
  • '13-14 - $16,105,620 (player option)
When you compare the numbers to the other restricted free agents who signed this offseason, it's high. Very high. But that might be a short-sighted view of things. We can look at the rest of those guys and argue where Iguodala fits, but he wasn't negotiating with those teams, he was negotiating with the Sixers. When viewed from that perspective, this is where he falls for the upcoming season:

  • Elton Brand: $13,699,000 (estimated)
  • Andre Iguodala: $10,561,060 (estimated)
  • Samuel Dalembert: $10,520,000
  • Andre Miller: $9,999,999
In terms of value to the team, I'd probably flipflop Miller and Dalembert, but can you really argue against Iguodala being the second-highest paid player on the team? I can't.

Since we have some loose numbers to work with now, here's my first take at what the cap could look like next Summer.

  • Brand: $14,794,920 (estimated)
  • Iguodala: $11,669,970 (estimated)
  • Dalembert: $11,360,000
  • Evans: $4,960,000
  • Williams: $4,696,250 (estimated)
  • Green: $3,682,000
  • Thad: $2,105,400
  • Speights: $1,658,280
  • Jason Smith: $1,418,880
  • Total: $56,345,700
This doesn't include the minimum contracts of Ivey and Rush, I'm not sure if they signed one or two-year deals, but you'd count them against the cap either way at the minimum. And of course, this isn't including Andre Miller's cap hold. So, it looks like the Sixers will be in no-man's land. They'll probably be under the cap if they renounce Miller's rights, but they'll actually have less money to spend than if they were over the cap. If they were over the cap they'd be able to use the mid-level and the bi-annual, which should total almost $8M. If they lose Miller, their actual cap space would only be $4M or $5M, depending. So it looks like the Sixers will have the mid-level and bi-annual exceptions available to them, which should mean a total of about $8M to spend on free agents. (Corrected per doodh wali's comment below). Of course, they hold Bird Rights to Andre Miller, so they could go over to sign him and still spend the $8M to fill other holes. Right now, extending Miller looks like the obvious decision, if he'll do it, but a lot can change between now and then.

Anyway, back to the here and now. The rotation should be pretty much set now. Miller, Iguodala, Thad, Brand, Sammy, Lou, Evans, Speights, Rush, Green. If they're able to sign a decent big he could slide into the rotation as well, but as of now, this is our team. So my question to you is, where does that rotation rank in the Eastern Conference, players 1-10.