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In Desperate Need of a Distraction

The past couple of days have pushed me pretty close to the edge of sanity as a Sixers blogger, so after taking a much-needed break from the AI/Jordan/Willie Green/Stefanski/Snider suckhole this evening, I figured I could use something positive to sink my teeth into. It took me some time, but then I found what is actually a pleasant trend, enjoy after the jump.

Actually, when I took a closer look at the numbers, it's more of a good news/bad news situation, but still, there's some good in there.

Check out this split for Thad, it's all of his numbers on a per-36-minute basis, comparing the first 12 games of the season and the past six:

Thad has completely turned around his shooting stroke over the past 6 games. Check out the numbers, it's a pretty startling turnaround. His season numbers are quickly approaching where we need them to be from the field (47.2%) and he's improved from three-point land (37.8%). He's getting more shots and doing a whole lot more with the opportunities.

Unfortunately, he really isn't doing anything else out there on the floor. His rebound rate remains pitiful, his assists have dried up to nothing, he isn't generating turnovers, but on another bright note, he isn't turning the ball over nearly as much.

If we didn't have so many bigger picture things to worry about, Thad's shooting numbers would be a bigger subject at this point of the season, and I think these numbers tell us that he's becoming more comfortable in the PO. He's hitting his jumpers and converting at a high rate, which must please Eddie Jordan. His lack of production in other areas of the game continue to disappoint however, and his defense is still spotty, at best.

So maybe this wasn't such a pick-me-up, but it was the best I could muster on short notice. What have you guys thought about Thad's game recently? More importantly, if Thad is going to be a one-dimensional scorer, but one who scores efficiently and can stroke the three, is he an eventual piece of the puzzle, or do we need him to be something more?
by Brian on Dec 1 2009
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