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Indy Never Had a Chance

The Sixers came out with bad intentions at the Conseco Fieldhouse tonight, then spent the rest of the game toying with the Pacers emotions before finally putting them to sleep with a late burst to secure the double-digit road win. Andre Iguodala reminded Danny Granger why he was stapled to the bench for Team USA this summer en route to another double-double.

Charts (rotations coming later)

g634f030811.gif Thoughts

  • Iguodala had a man-sized 16/4/10/2/2 to go along with his punishing defense on Danny Granger. He was easily the best player on the floor tonight, which really shouldn't surprise anyone who can see past PPG, but I guess it still needs to be said. Still, he wasn't your player of the game.
  • Thad Young gets the honor. Thad has turned into a physical beast before our very eyes. He's using his combination of unbelievable quickness and sneaky bulk to run right around or over people with alarming consistency. 9/13 from the floor, 9 boards, 18 points in 31 minutes. He's been unbelievable to the point where games like this almost fly under the radar. Not this time, though. Thad was a dynamo tonight.
  • Jrue had a Jekll and Hyde night. His defense was very good, he scored efficiently and he was aggressive on the offensive end, but he took terrible care of the ball. Here's a breakdown of his six turnovers:

    1. Coughed the ball up - light pressure
    2. Bad pass - forced into traffic, there was no pass there
    3. Bad pass - forced into traffic, there was no pass there
    4. Stepped on the side line - He received a good pass, just stepped back onto the line
    5. Stripped on a drive - I thought he was fouled on this one
    6. Coughed the ball up - decent pressure, but still

    Five of those six turnovers just really can't happen. The passes weren't a case of a good thought gone bad, they were forcing something that clearly wasn't there. The ballhandling gaffs were terrible as well. Luckily, there haven't been many games like this. He needs to bounce back in a big way tomorrow night.
  • Elton Brand was sub-par for the second consecutive game. Alarming because they need him, badly. Encouraging because the team still found a way to win both games. Again, he needs to bounce back.
  • Evan Turner picked up right where he left off against the Warriors, canning his first three shots, including a corner three, but he tailed off badly as the game went on. He got into it with Dahntay Jones and I think that may have thrown his focus a little bit.
  • Lou only played 15 minutes tonight, the third time in the last five games that he's played under 20. When he is in the game, I'm seeing less and less of him handling the ball. All good trends, sort of. I hate seeing Lou dominate the ball more than anyone, but he is a key part of this rotation as a scorer. They need to find a way to keep him productive without letting him hold the offense hostage. Still, this is a positive swing for Collins, keeping the ball in Jrue and Iguodala's hands. I'm confident he'll find a way to get Lou into his new role, whatever it's going to be.
  • Speights didn't have a good game tonight, but there were still big positives. He was first off the bench for Hawes, and Collins went back to him multiple times throughout the game. Whatever Collins has asked of him, and we really can't be sure what exactly it is, Speights has responded, and now Collins is giving him a little bit of leash with the playing time he's earned. Let's hope that continues, because a productive Speights is going to be needed when the second season begins.
  • Overall, it was a needed win and you can't argue with a double-digit road win, ever. This was the best game they've played in the past three, and hopefully something to build on for a tough matchup tomorrow night.
  • Almost forgot, how clutch is Jodie Meeks?

Player of The Game: Thad Young
Team Record: 33-30
Playoff Race: 0.5 behind NYK for 6th, 3.5 behind ATL for 5th. +6 on IND for 8th. +7 on CHA for the lottery
Up Next: vs. OKC, Wed. night
game capsule (coming soon)

Added bonus: Here's video of Jrue's block on McRoberts. Just a sick, sick defensive play.

by Brian on Mar 9 2011
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