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Two more posts will land later tonight/tomorrow morning, but to hold you over, check out a few  quotes from our esteemed coach, Eddie Jordan.

From ESPN, on Elton Brand not being happy about coming off the bench:
"It doesn't really affect me," Jordan said, before smiling and adding, "I think he told Jrue to go up and block the dunk."

Translation: Yes, the only way Elton Brand starts for me is if someone else gets hurt. Don't like that? Too bad, just wait until Speights gets back and I can cut his minutes down to about 15.

And on Andre Iguodala's injury, from Kate Fagan:
"With Willie scoring 26 last night and adding Allen, maybe, into the starting lineup, that's not a bad fall-back plan."

Translation: Who needs Iguodala, Willie's an electric scorer.

Here's a bonus quote from the same Fagan post:
"He says, 'Coach, with 14 years in the league I played matchup somewhere I just don't remember.' So that's going to be good for us, too, in that way to help us save his legs a little bit, mix up some man and zone."

Translation: I love this little guy, he doesn't give a crap about defense either!

So here we are, 10 games under .500, riding a 9-game losing streak and our coach is essentially making jokes at our $80M PF's expense, happy to be able to over-use Willie Green if his $82M SG is hurt, and kind of laughing off the team's defensive woes. Yet still, no call for his head from anyone in the mainstream media.

Exactly how much of a leash does this guy have? I mean, it's not like he came in here with a stellar coaching record, he was 58 games under .500 for his career before this season began.
by Brian on Dec 6 2009
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