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Is Three A Streak?

If so, then the Sixers are going for a winning streak tonight, or a winning jag if that floats your boat. Either way, it would be their second three-gamer this year, and would push them to 12-14.

Standing in the way is the same struggling Wizards team the Sixers handled easily on Saturday in Tony DiLeo's coaching debut. We'll talk a little about the game after the jump and also try to come up with a stat to follow. Again, use this post to leave your thoughts during the game.

Elton Brand had a field day in Saturday's game. Unfortunately, he won't be in the lineup tonight, so the first question has to be who will start in his place. I'm putting my money on Speights stepping in at the power forward for Brand with the rest of the lineup remaining unchanged.

I expect to see small lineups throughout the game, with increased minutes for Sammy at the 5 and probably a bigger role for Evans as well. If I had to guess as to the minutes split at the 4 and 5, it would go something like this:

  • Sammy- 32 minutes
  • Speights - 10 minutes
  • Evans - 6 minutes
Power Forward
  • Speights - 20 minutes
  • Thad - 18 minutes
  • Evans - 10 minutes
Dalembert had a huge game on Saturday, ripping down 17 boards. Miller also dished out 12 assists.

The Sixers should have a different focus tonight. The half-court game is going to be in serious trouble for the next month or so, so the run-at-all-costs philosophy should return. Good news because the Sixers are more equipped to play this style than anyone in the league, bad because better teams will force them into the half court.

I probably don't need to tell you the Sixers need this win. They need every win they can salvage over the next month. They can't let the winnable games slip through their fingers, especially with a monster road trip looming.

I expect Lou to be the first guy off the bench, hopefully for Green, with Thad coming in shortly thereafter for either Sammy or Speights. When the small lineup is out there, expect even more runnings, even off makes.

The Sixers have an opportunity here to put together a little streak before they head to Boston. Two games to find their running legs. Washington hasn't put out much of a defensive effort (averaging 103.5 points against). I'd like a double-digit win.

Tip is at 7:00pm, I'll be here so drop by and leave your thoughts in the comments.
by Brian on Dec 19 2008
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