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It Looks Like Collins Is the Guy

Bob Cooney with the scoop again. According to his source, the Sixers are in negotiations with Doug Collins to take over as the Sixers head coach. No surprise here. Assuming they can agree on money and terms, it looks like the job belongs to Collins. Maybe he'll break the news tonight during the Lakers/Suns game.

The lottery last night changed things for me. The Sixers aren't set up to contend right now, but they are much further down the road than they were this time yesterday. Whether the pick is Turner or Favors, Collins will have four plus defenders and four plus rebounders in his starting lineup. If it's Turner, he very well may have the number one option offense as well. Unless something goes horribly wrong, I don't see this team returning to the lottery for a long time.

Collins is a name, but more important than that, he has a sound basketball mind and I think he's a good choice to right the ship and get this team headed in the right direction. He'll get the young guys on the roster to buy in. He'll stress defense. I have confidence in Collins as the head coach. The front office? Well, we'll deal with them later. For now, I'm very pleased with everything that's happened since Eddie Jordan was shown the door.
by Brian on May 19 2010
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