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It's All Uphill From Here

The Sixers may be without the services of Jrue Holiday (boot pictured above), who was diagnosed with a sprained foot yesterday, for their road game in Indy tonight. Jrue is officially day-to-day, and will travel with the team, so there's a chance he'll suit up. Either way, tonight is probably the point at which this schedule flips on its head.

After starting 4-7, the Pacers have righted the ship with a 7-4 spurt to get to .500. They're without Danny Granger and the early returns on Roy Hibbert's max contract aren't exactly encouraging. Hibbert is shooting an unfathomable 37.5% from the floor, with a .406 TS. I'm not sure there are words to describe exactly how bad that is. That being said, would anyone be the least bit shocked if he dropped about 25 on Lavoy and Hawes tonight?

The Sixers will really only face one patsy over the next three weeks. They're going to be facing most of those teams on the road. I honestly don't know where this team is going to be when this stretch is over. Logic tells me they'll be looking up at the playoff race, but who knows.

Tonight, they're going to have to focus on shutting down David West, first. This is a pretty bad matchup for Thad at the four. I'd say best-case scenario, West falls in love with his 20-footer and he hits about 50% of them. Worst case, he's wily and strong and he'll be able to work against Thad in the paint. Indy's other major contributor on the offensive end is Paul George, but his offensive game is pretty limited. Just don't leave him alone for threes. George Hill is a scoring PG, who isn't scoring very well this year. The rest of their team is an offensive mess. Unfortunately, guys like Hansbrough and Hibbert tend to get healthy real quick when they face the Sixers. Hansbrough is a spaz on the floor, and the Sixers almost never have an answer for a hyperactive big who crashes the offensive glass.

I can't muster up a whole to say about this game without knowing if Jrue is playing or not. To be honest with you, I don't want to watch this team without Jrue on the floor. I will, but I just shudder to think what they're going to look like, on both ends of the floor. I hope Jrue can walk it off and get back out there. Hopefully, it's just a pain threshold thing, there's no danger of further damage, and he sucks it up.

The tip is at 7:30pm. Use this as your game thread. Yeah, walking boot!
by Brian on Dec 14 2012
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