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Tonight's 115-99 loss to the Orlando Magic came down to two things:
  1. The Sixers are not very good at defending the three
  2. The Orlando Magic got especially hot from downtown.
Beyond that, not much analysis is needed. Orlando shot 15/33 beyond the arc. I really don't know what you can do about that. If a team is willing to take better than 40% of its shots from deep when they have a weapon like Dwight Howard down low, I guess you just take your hat off to them when they hit 45% of them. I would've liked to have seen better rotation to the better shooters, but many of the shots were contested. Take your hat off and be grateful that tomorrow night they face a team who shoots the three almost as badly as the Sixers do, the Miami Heat.

Tonight was Thad's first really bad night on the offensive side, but he made up for it by locking down Rashard Lewis. When Thad was on the bench in the fourth Lewis got hot, hitting 4 consecutive shots. The rest of the game he was only 2/12. Iguodala and Miller led the Sixers in scoring with 25 and Lou chipped in with a solid 18 off the bench.

Tomorrow night is a must-win. Can't let games slip away against the dregs of the league and expect to make the playoffs. The Nets and Wizards lost tonight, the Hawks are playing a late game in Golden State and leading early.

One final thought that I hope the Sixers will take to heart. Missed free throws make me want to cry. Please, please, please concentrate.

Player of The Game: Andre Iguodala
Team Record: 24-32
by Brian on Feb 22 2008
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