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Time to get on the Thad Young bandwagon.When Thad Young was inserted into the starting lineup I began talking about the little differences, the slight edges he gives to the team by being on the floor. One thing I noted was the fact that after made shots, Thad runs to get the ball and inbound it quickly. On several occasions this has turned made baskets by the other team into fast breaks for the Sixers. It looks like I'm not the only one who's noticed, check out this quote from Andre Iguodala:

One thing that has benefited Iguodala and the Sixers is the transition game. They have outscored teams by 119-51 on fastbreak points during the streak. The Sixers recently made a subtle change that has helped their leader. Rookie Thaddeus Young has been taking the ball out of bounds instead of Iguodala.

"With Thad taking the ball out, it has given me more opportunities," Iguodala said.

It's good to see Andre giving Thad some credit, it's often hard to tell if they get along on the court. Here's what I had to say about Thad's outlet passes back on Feb. 6.
If you want to know why the Sixers are playing at such a high level, I can give you a couple of reasons. First, they're running more. This is directly related to Thad's extended minutes in many cases. When he grabs a rebound, the ball is out of his hands in a flash with a crisp outlet pass to a guard. Right away. He doesn't dribble, he doesn't swing his elbows around, he secures the rebound and gets rid of the ball. With the Sixers speed on the wings, this turns misses into fast breaks and easy opportunities. Even on makes Thad is always looking to get the ball moving the other way. Honestly, he and Jason Smith are the only players on the roster who seem to want to inbound the ball in a timely fashion. Twice tonight, Thad hustled after a made shot, inbounded the ball quickly and a make turned into a fast break and points on the other end. That doesn't happen with Reggie Evans in the game. In fact, Evans refuses to inbound the ball, many times Iguodala has to come back down the court to throw it in.

OK, that's enough back-slapping out of me. The Sixers are back in action tonight against the Timberwolves in Minnesota. 17-12 from here on out gets it done, fellas. Check out TWolvesBlog for your Minny fix.

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by Brian on Feb 19 2008
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