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Iverson Out, Minutes For Jrue?

Allen Iverson will miss tonight's game against the Bulls due to an illness in his family. Lou and Jrue will probably start at the guards, what happens from there is anyone's guess.

Here's the math, 96 minutes of action to be split among these players at the one and two:

  • Lou Williams
  • Willie Green
  • Jrue Holiday
  • Rodney Carney
  • Andre Iguodala
  • Royal Ivey
A rational man may actually see this as an opportunity to extend his starting point guard beyond the 15 minutes/game he's played since taking over the starting spot. Eddie Jordan is not a rational man, however, so I'm fully expecting 35+ minutes for Lou and Willie with Jrue playing his token two runs, maybe he gets back into the game at some point for a garbage time run.

I'm putting the over/under on Jrue's minutes for tonight at 17.5. Place your bets in the comments.
by Brian on Feb 3 2010
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