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Iverson Out: Wonder Who Gets the Start

Allen Iverson didn't make the trip to Boston, he will miss tomorrow night's game due to arthritis. I knew the guy was old, but arthritis? Well, we're short one guard, meaning Eddie Jordan has a decision to make with his starting lineup tonight. Is there any doubt in your mind who's going to get the nod?

Jordan's options may actually be even more limited tonight. Apparently Speights suffered what is believed to be a minor injury to his knee yesterday in practice. Yes, the same knee that he injured a little over a month ago. Yes, the same knee that we were originally told would take 6-8 weeks to heal. But no, rushing Speights back to play 22 minutes in his first game on Wednesday had absolutely nothing to do with this injury. That was a solid basketball move.

Speaking of rushing players back, Lou Williams was supposed to miss eight weeks with his broken jaw, now Eddie Jordan is saying he may play on Saturday, not even four weeks after he suffered the injury (Nov. 24th). That sounds like a brilliant idea to me.

Back to tonight's game. Assuming Speights, Iverson and Williams are all unavailable, Jordan essentially has two choices for how to fill out the starting lineup. He can go with a big lineup, or he can stay small. Let's take a look at the matchups created by each:


  • Rondo vs. Jrue
  • Allen vs. Iguodala
  • Pierce vs. Thad
  • Garnett vs. Brand
  • Perkins vs. Dalembert

  • Rondo vs. Jrue
  • Allen vs. Willie
  • Pierce vs. Iguodala
  • Garnett vs. Thad
  • Perkins vs. Dalembert
To be honest with you, I don't really care which lineup Jordan chooses. The thing that makes me happy is the thinning of the back court depth for the game, it should assure us of 36+ minutes of Jrue at the point. Usually, I'd be going nuts for the correct lineup to be played (JH, AI, TY, EB, SD), but it would be fool's gold. As soon as he gets either Iverson, Lou or both back, he's going to the small lineup. This season is already another lost opportunity to evaluate AI9/TY on the wings, starting that lineup would be little more than tease.

I missed last night's 4th episode of SixersBeat, but Jordan from LibertyBallers filled in for me with Derek from Philly Arena. The guys dove right into the biggest issues, give it a listen below:

Which lineup do you guys want to see tonight: Big, small or indifferent? Full preview for tonight's game will be up some time after 5pm. Happy Friday.
by Brian on Dec 18 2009
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