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Part 8 of the series features Portland SG/SF James Jones (archives after the jump)

  • $3,156,000 player option for '08-'09
  • '07-'08 salary: $2,904,000
Thoughts On The Player

I'm assuming Jones can play the shooting guard, but he barely spent any time at the position this season. It doesn't really matter though, because James is a shooter off the bench, pure and simple. He provides little-to-no rebounding nor assists, nor defense for that matter. He does one thing, and he does it well. He shoots the three. He actually shot a higher percentage from three (44.4%) than he did from the field (43.7%). If you're looking for a guy who can come off the bench and stretch the defense, he fits the bill.

Thoughts On Likelihood

Here's the problem. Ed Stefanski's only player-personnel move as GM of the Sixers was to jettison Kyle Korver to clear that cap space out. His feeling then was that a one-dimensional three-point shooter wasn't worth $4+ million per year when the team had more pressing needs. Well, Jones is a one-dimensional three-point shooter who might even demand more than Korver was making. I think Jones is likely to opt out of his final year, and someone will pay him, just like they paid Jason Kapono last season, I just don't think it should be the Sixers. The other shooters we've talked about up to this point (Vujacic, J.R. Smith, Ivan Calderon) all bring something else to the table. Vujacic is a marksman and a solid defender on the perimeter, Smith can run with this team and score in bunches, plus he's got three-point range. Calderon might be a top-five PG in the league, and he can hit the three. Jones is a three-point shooter and that's it.

I don't see this happening. If it did, I'm afraid they'd be using too much of that valuable cap space to bring in an extreme specialist when they haven't filled all the holes first. Now, if Jones is still lingering later in the Summer and his price tag drops after the Sixers have made their big splash, then you think about it, but for now I see him as an expensive toy, which this team shouldn't waste its money on.

If it came down to J.R. Smith or James Jones, who would you guys want?

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by Brian on May 14 2008
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