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Jasner Jumps The Gun

Phil Jasner is the first beat writer, that I know of, to write the "DiLeo Should Coach Next Season," story. Personally, I think it's both premature and probably faulty logic to make the suggestion at this point.

There's a quote in the story from Andre Miller that reads as if he's saying whether or not DiLeo is back coaching could influence his decision whether to re-sign with the Sixers or not. That's no reason to sign DiLeo.

I'm not saying DiLeo absolutely should not be brought back. There have been things he's done with his brief time here that I've liked, and there have been things I haven't liked at all. Either way, I think you have to, absolutely have to open the position up and make it a competition in the Summer. Coach DiLeo may have earned the right to coach this team next season with his performance as interim coach this season, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's the best man for the job. That has to be priority number one. Finding the best coach possible to lead this team next season.

If the decision was made today, I think I'd probably go in another direction, but there's still some basketball left to be coached. How the rest of the playoffs unfold could sway me a little bit. Overall, I think it's premature to say he should definitely be the guy to coach the team next season, we don't even know who else could be interested in the job.
by Brian on Apr 24 2009
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