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Jodie Meeks: Prediction vs. Performance

I thought Meeks would work his way into the rotation this season, but I never thought he'd become a starter and key contributor. His shooting opened doors on the offensive end for other guys and save for a terrible slump at the end of the season, he was a legit weapon throughout.

Check out my preseason prediction for Meeks right here. And now, the numbers:

I think I'm probably in the minority when I say I'm fine with Jodie Meeks as the Sixers' starting shooting guard. Of course, that statement comes with a giant caveat. Meeks works as the Sixers starting two only if Iguodala is the three and Jrue is the point. Meeks has giant holes in his game, but those giant holes are more than covered when he's playing with Jrue and Iguodala. If the Sixers trade Iguodala, though, I'm not sure Evan Turner is going to be enough of a playmaker nor enough of a defender to cover for Jodie. Turner would be able to make up for Jodie's poor rebounding, though.

Basically, Jodie's one strength - shooting the three - is the most-needed asset when you start Jrue and Iguodala. All Jodie needs to do is play passable defense and be a legitimate threat from the outside to open up driving lanes and make teams pay for collapsing on penetration.

Add a legitimate center without subtracting Iguodala from this team and they can win 50 games with Meeks starting at the two. Subtract Iguodala to fill the hole at the five and I think you're going to have to find a more diverse shooting guard than Meeks. Maybe that's the right way to go ultimately, but in the short term, Meeks as a starter is a luxury that's made possibly by the all around games of Iguodala and Holiday.

Meeks made tremendous strides this year, and no matter what happens I think he's definitely a rotational guy. He can improve in certain areas, marginally, but the key for him is to just keep shooting the three the way he did this year.