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Jordan On Jrue

Here's a quick quote from Eddie Jordan to hopefully get your weekend started off on the right foot.
From SI.com:

"He's more point than I'd like him to be," Jordan said. "He gets in the lane so well and he could easily go up against his defender and take the shot. But he's looking for a dime and he's looking for a draw-and-kick. He's got a terrific learning curve. He wants to be good and he's doing it the right way. He loves to pass, loves to defend -- I mean loves to defend. We think he's a little bit of a secret weapon."

A couple times now I've heard Jordan say Jrue is by far the best ballhandler on the team, and in one of the training camp videos on Sixers.com they talk about Jrue's ability to get into the lane with his dribble. Good news all around.