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Jordan Post Game Presser Video

Kate Fagan posted video of Eddie Jordan's post game press conference on Deep Sixer (watch after the jump), and for the life of me I can't figure out what he's saying.

The clip is pretty much exclusively about Elton Brand being benched. He says it was partially because he wanted to go smaller against the Warriors, partially because he likes Elton coming off the bench at the five, and there are other reasons which he won't talk about. When he's asked if this was a one-time thing, he makes these cryptic comments about not liking to change the starting lineup and, "you have to show some confidence in the people you start." So again, he's saying he has no confidence in Brand? Is he saying he's going back to the big starting lineup because he doesn't like to change it? Or would going back to the big lineup be another change?

Very confusing. On another note, the official Sixers Twitterer, whoever that is, had a comment last night that the Sixers were "forced" to use a small lineup to match up with Golden State. Does anyone else find this hilarious? I mean, the Warriors are a putrid team. We aren't talking about a powerhouse that should be dictating things to you. When the Warriors play the Celtics, does Boston bench Garnett or Perkins to go smaller and match up with them, or do they play their big lineup and punish Golden State with size mismatches? How about the Lakers? Or Chicago? Or even the Clippers?

The Sixers weren't forceD to do anything with their lineup last night, their coach just used their opponent as an excuse to put the small lineup out there like he's been dying to do all year. Think about the mismatches the Sixers would've had to work with had they started their big lineup (AI3, AI9, TY, EB, SD), or God forbid, their even bigger lineup (JH, AI9, TY, EB, SD). Anthony Morrow would've been guarding Thad, Monta Ellis would've been guarding Iguodala, Radmanovic would've been guarding Brand.

I just love the logic behind letting a pitiful, shorthanded team dictate terms to you. Quality, quality coaching.
by Brian on Dec 15 2009
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