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Know Your Role

Over the past two games the Sixers have played against the Knicks, a theme has emerged. At some point in both games, Nate Robinson and Lou Williams started jawing at each other. This trash talking was then followed by each player trying to take the game over for his team. While it's certainly entertaining to see a Napoleanic complex displayed in hi-def, this is not a measuring contest that favors the Sixers and it's something that needs to be kept in check.

The Knicks are a team bereft of talent. They can not only survive Nate Robinson taking 20+ shots per game, but they'd prefer it. They don't have a go-to guy on their team, they don't have any semblance of a half-court game. Their motto is shoot early, shoot often. Doesn't matter if it's a particularly good shot, doesn't matter if you're open. Just get the ball moving in the general direction of the rim, maybe it'll go in. If you can find a way to heave a three, all the better.

The Sixers, on the other hand, do not want Lou Williams taking 20 shots. In fact, the Sixers are 2-8 when he attempts 15 or more shots in a game. In no lineup is Lou the Sixers best option on offense. If he gets caught up in an "anything you can do I can do better," contest with Robinson, the Sixers will wind up the losers.

It's one thing if Iguodala accepts a challenge from the other team's best player. That's what you want your best player to do. It's another when a bit player off the bench starts to let his ego mess with the team gameplan. Lou has actually started to turn things around over the past two games (10/18 from the floor), it would be a shame to see him take the bait from Robinson and submarine the team.

My pregame will be up later this afternoon.
by Brian on Feb 27 2009
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