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Latest Andre Iguodala Rumors

Sam Amick drops two Andre Iguodala trade rumor bombshells tonight. One: Andre Iguodala for Lamar Odom and possibly Ron Artest. Two: Andre Iguodala for the number two pick in the draft from Minnesota. My thoughts to follow.

OK, let's start by looking at what each of these rumored deals represents, and look at the other moving parts that would need to be involved:

Deal One: Lamar Odom and Ron Artest for Andre Iguodala. From an immediate impact, on the floor perspective, this deal is by far the best rumor we've heard. Odom is a very good player and he'd offer a dimension at the four Thad does not. Artest isn't as good of a wing defender as Iguodala, but he's no slouch. Financially, this deal is pretty much a waste. Odom has a buyout for the year after next, but Artest is signed for three more seasons. He'd clear a chunk of cap space off the books, but financially speaking, the Kaman deal would clear a lot more. If clearing cap space is the goal, then the Kaman deal is preferable. If you want to deal with the Lakers, then take Artest out of the deal and put Fisher in. That would save the Sixers over $3M this season, and both contracts expire after next season. Of course, if you're making a salary dump deal, then why go for the package that gives you the best team on the floor? That's a mixed goal. Go for Kaman, let the team suck and get a higher draft pick. For the record, I'm not in favor of any of these deals.

Deal Two: The details are severely lacking on this one, but the rub is that the Sixers give up Iguodala and somehow wind up with the number two pick in the draft. With so few details, it's hard to properly evaluate the deal, so I'll just list out what could sink this deal. (a) If the Sixers take back significant contracts that extend beyond Brand's deal, at the most, preferably, they'd take back contracts that expire after next season (b) Iguodala is the only asset the team is losing. I'm not 100% sure the second part of this is a dealbreaker, but I'd love to hold onto the #16 pick in this deal. One variation that works is Iguodala for Michael Beasley (expiring contract is you don't qualify or extend him next summer) and Martell Webster (cheap team buyout after next season). This deal clears out serious cap space, gives you the Derick Williams to add the remaining young core, and then you still have the #16 pick to play with. With Williams in your back pocket, hopefully you'd then aggressively go after Biyombo at #16 (or by trading up to wherever you need to). If the Sixers can come out of this draft with Biyombo and Derrick Williams, well, I'd be ecstatic. If the Sixers had to throw in the #16 pick, I'd probably prefer some kind of an asset to come back from Minny instead of the expiring contracts. Maybe Anthony Randolph.

I could get behind deal number two, maybe in a big way if they could really do something in this draft. Deal number one ranks below the Kaman deal on my list at this point. If you're going to downgrade your talent, don't half ass it, and especially don't take back long term money. Both deal number one and the Kaman deal both fall clearly on the side of "Don't do it," though. Deal two is the first palatable rumor from the Sixers perspective, and I'm kind of hoping it belongs there on its merits, rather than just as a reaction to the terrible rumors we've all been reading for the past several weeks and months.