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Lay an Egg in the Garden

A loss tonight helps the Sixers in two ways. The first is the obvious need to get as high up in the lottery as possible. The second is the Knicks futility is keeping the Pelicans from dropping further. Melo is having a good season, and it may not even be at the expense of team success this year. The rest of the Knicks are bad. Pitiful, really.

MCW had a bounceback game against the Wiz, if he can string a couple more of those together, he might be able to nudge his TS% to the right side of .500. Tonight is a perfect opportunity. Raymond Felton couldn't guard me.

The matchup I'll be watching is Turner on Melo (should it present itself). It's fun to watch Turner up his intensity on the defensive end, then proceed to get dominated. Thad on Melo is probably the way to go, though his one-on-one defense isn't his calling card.

The tip is at 7:30pm. I'll be here, join me in rooting for the Knicks to pass the Pelicans in the standings.
by Brian on Jan 22 2014
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