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Let 'em Have It

The 19-20 Washington Wizards would be the number five seed in the East if the season ended today. Sad as that may be, the Wizards might just be headed in the right direction. The Sixers need to get them up to .500 in today's matinee.

When I look at the Wizards' roster, I see a team who could put together a nice 45-50 win squad if they could somehow land a quality power forward who can score on the inside. Wall's improved jumper opens things up for them. Bradley Beal's game needs to develop, but he's got a nice stroke from deep. Trevor Ariza and Martell Webster are both decent wings, and both on the right side of thirty. Marcin Gortat also still has plenty of miles left on the odometer and provides a little bit of everything you need out of center. Trevor Booker is a revelation off the bench. Take a handful of possessions/game away from Wall, find a way to parlay Nene and a couple picks into a better scoring PF and you've got a decent core there you can take to the playoffs for years to come, if that's what you're into.

As for today's game, Washington's D is good enough to limit the Sixers and the Sixers D is bad enough to prop up the Bullets' dreadful offense. If they take no extraordinary measures, Washington should climb above .500 and the Sixers should be one step closer to a bottom three record.

Back when winning was something I cared about, I'd break the season down into 10-game chunks. Let's get back to that trend. Here's a look at the next 10 games on the schedule, with predictions.

  1. @ WAS: Loss. Unless the early start catches the Wizards off guard.
  2. @ NYK, Wed: Loss. The Knicks have sort of figured things out and they're desperate for a playoff berth.
  3. vs TOR, Fri: Loss. Toronto is fighting to win the Atlantic. Bad loss to the Lakers last night.
  4. vs OKC, Sat: Loss, but a possible anti-trap game
  5. vs. PHO, Mon: Win. I'm not buying the Suns as a legit playoff team, plus they can't lose every game
  6. @ BOS, Wed: Win. This is a game they really must lose for tanking purposes, but I think Boston has gotten the message from the GM. Wins will not be tolerated.
  7. @ DET, Sat: Loss. Drummond destroys Hawes.
  8. @ BKY, Mon: Loss.
  9. vs. BOS, Wed: Win.

There you have it. 3-7, with two deadly losses. Not bad enough, as far as I'm concerned.

The tip is at two. I don't think I'm going to be around, but you never know.
by Brian on Jan 20 2014
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