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The Sixers will lace 'em up tonight for the first preseason game tonight in Mass. against the Celtics. This game means nothing, the Sixers won't be showing off their new bag of tricks, the Celtics won't care, or an indication of how much the preseason means, check out this game.

I'm not sure if he game will be on my league pass, and I'm not sure I'd watch it anyway. Once the season gets started I'll be glued to my TV for 82 games (plus hopefully another 12 or more in the post season).

Hollinger has released his player forecasts for the coming season, here's my favorite quote from his Sixers coverage:

At either position, he promises to be hellaciously good in a couple of years, so it may just be a matter of exploiting the best match-up on a given night. Incidentally, everyone I've talked to about Young says he's got a great head on his shoulders and a strong work ethic, so that's another positive.
Yup, Hollinger has sipped the Thad Kool-Aid and he likes it. No injuries, Sixers. That's the only goal tonight.

Over/under for Willie Green's FGA tonight, 22.
by Brian on Oct 8 2008
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