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Let's Make a Fake Deal!

Yes, the bottom-feeding scourge of the sports blogging world, fake trades. With the team spiraling out of control, Bynum's return hopefully looming, but not before a handful more losses pile up and a weird three-day rest period, why not?

Trade #1
Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes for Rudy Gay

Why Memphis would do it: Four reasons: (1) They'd save $4.67M against the cap this season (about $2.34M in actual dollars). (2) They'd save $4.71M next season. (3) They'd save $19.32M the following season. (4) They'd save $26.36M overall, not including any potential luxury tax payments they'd avoid. Also, they've played pretty well without Gay in the past and he's having a down year.

Why Philly would do it: They get a legit wing scorer. If they plan to lock down Bynum, cap flexibility isn't really a concern. Get rid of Hawes and Turner.

Trade #2
Thad Young and Arnett Moultrie for Josh Smith

Why Atlanta would do it: End the Josh Smith headache, replace him with a comparable player on a decent contract.

Why Philly would do it: Smith is a superior defender, passer and rebounder, three things the Sixers need. He's not as efficient offensively as Thad, which hurts. The big issue here would be the amount of money they'd have to commit to Smith this summer. He's going to cost more than Thad in the long term, which would probably limit their options in terms of adding another piece, if they could re-sign Smith. A gamble on a bigger name with different strengths and weaknesses.

Trade #3
Evan Turner and Arnett Moultrie for Paul Millsap

Why Utah would do it: Millsap is an unrestricted free agent this summer, and they need to clear space for their young bigs. Derek Favors particularly. They're light on the wing and at the point, Turner could fill in at both spots...theoretically.

Why Philly would do it: Millsap is an efficient scoring big man and a solid rebounder. I'd pencil him in as the starting four and move Thad back to the bench or over to the three to give the Sixers more size and speed on the wings. This might shrink the floor, but it would be worth the gamble.

Trade #4
Jrue Holiday, Spencer Hawes, Nick Young and Dorell Wright for Marc Gasol and Mike Conley

Why Memphis would do it: The Griz save $21.7M over the next four years while adding a rising star PG.

Why Philly would do it: The potential for a twin-towers offense with Gasol and Bynum playing next to each other (and also the ability to compete if/when Bynum misses time due to injury). They also get a game-managing PG in return.

Add your own fake trades in the comments, or discuss these. Of the four, I think the only one I wouldn't pull the trigger on is the Thad/Josh Smith deal. Though letting Bynum and Smith both walk would be a nifty reset button.
by Brian on Jan 24 2013
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