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Lockout Update: Get Over Yourselves


Check out my latest post over on SB Nation Philly for my take on where the lockout stands now that we've officially lost games. The Cliff's Notes: There's plenty of blame to go around and there's a solution out there both sides are just too stubborn to explore.

I was also interviewed by the Inquirer yesterday, you can see my quotes at the bottom of this story, which means they were > < that close to being cut for space.

The best advice I could give, if anyone wanted to hear it, is for the real power brokers to sit down and talk turkey. Keep the idiots out of the room (if you must, use a 700 on your SATs as the litmus test for admission). The revenue split really shouldn't be contentious. It's clear as day where that number needs to be for the owners to be able to turn a profit. That's where it should fall. The other things, like the luxury tax and exceptions, are really about management of a team. If you set the guaranteed revenue split at a spot where it allows the owners to make money, then give teams the freedom to surpass that if they're willing to pay a luxury tax, which then gets rolled into revenue sharing among the teams (probably a more punitive luxury tax). If they use exceptions to push the players' portion up to 57% again, then they really don't have anyone to blame but themselves. More importantly, if the Cubans of the world push their payrolls far into the luxury tax, they're going to be propping up the struggling teams to a much greater degree. Make the luxury tax start right where the cap ends and make it two dollars of tax for every dollar you're over the cap.

There's a sweet spot there somewhere, both sides just need to sit down and figure it out without the distraction of certain union members being in the room having to prove how unified they are.
by Brian on Oct 12 2011
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