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Lost In The Shuffle

Last night's soul-crushing loss was probably harder on Andre Iguodala than anyone else. The guy faced ferocious double teams the entire quarter, and I mean they doubled him the second he caught the ball, no matter where on the floor he was. He never panicked, he never turned the ball over, and he never gave up. He patiently avoided the double and ran the offense. He scored 8 of his 21 in the quarter, but not only did he score, he did everything this team needed him to do for the win.

Six rebounds, 1 steal, 1 assist (he should've had another as well, but Sammy blew a layup on a sick interior pass. He did get his own board and throw down the follow though) all in the fourth quarter. Every time they needed  board, he got it. He had a key steal and he played excellent defense on Vince Carter all night long. Carter had as many turnovers (5) as field goals, and he never went to the line.

It's a shame the lasting images are going to be the missed free throw, the Carter drive to tie it  and the final play of the game. Iguodala deserved better after that effort.
by Brian on Feb 24 2009
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