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Just a quick post to get you through the afternoon at work leading up to tonight's game in Toronto.

Bryon, a first-time commenter, asked about Lou Williams' +/- numbers as compared to Willie Green's, I thought this was a good time to break out a new tool shown to me by Alex K. another loyal reader/commenter, Basketball Value.com. The site kind of takes a more bare-bones approach to what 82games.com does, and adds a few little twists of their own.

Anyway, below we'll take a look at how the Sixers have performed through their first 7 disappointing games, with Lou, with Willie, with both, and with neither.

Points ForPoints Against+/-
Team Total584572+12
With Lou (not Willie)8896-8
With Willie (not Lou)4570-25
Lou and Willie180160+20
Neither Lou nor Willie271246+25
Best 5-man unit
Miller, Iguodala, Thad, Brand, Sammy210195+15
Worst 5-man unit
Miller, Green, Iguodala, Brand, Sammy315-12

I compiled these stats very quickly in a spreadsheet, but I think they're correct. Reader Max also sent me a spreadsheet with the +/- of each player broken for the season. You can view that one here. Maybe we'll try to keep that one updated throughout the season, let me know if you're interested in helping out.

First off, I'm shocked, more than shocked, that Lou and Willie on the floor at the same time is not a complete train wreck in the +/ column. My eyes and my brain tell me it is. The only explanation I can come up with is they played extended garbage minutes together in the blowouts. Even with that +20 outlier, it's obvious that they've been a drag on the entire team this season.

I'm not shocked that the starters are the best squad, although if you adjust it to a per-minute stat they aren't. It's equally predictable that when you remove Thad from the starting lineup and insert Willie all hell hell breaks loose. Of course, whenever Thad gets in early foul trouble, that's precisely the move that Mo makes.

It's extremely early in the season, so while this was a fun exercise, there really isn't enough data to draw solid conclusions. Maybe we'll check back throughout the year to see how certain units are holding up.

7 p.m. start tonight in T-ooooh. Still looking forward to it.

Thanks for the great comments and contributions guys, you're making this a fun season despite the play on the court.
by Brian on Nov 12 2008
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