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Making the Great Look Better

Recently we've seen the Sixers defense make a horrid offensive team look like world beaters. Tonight, they Los Angeles Clippers, with the #4 offense in the league, will pad their stats and run the Sixers right off the floor.

I assume MCW will not be in the lineup tonight, which is too bad. Every young point guard should be forced to face Chris Paul multiple times in his first couple years in the league. Not because his hypnotic dribble will lull them to sleep, but because playing against CP3 is a master's class in keeping track of your handle. Paul's defense overall has never impressed me, but he's lightning quick with his hands and will turn any loose dribble into a steal and a hoop going the other way. Same goes for lazy passes. It would've been fun to see MCW go up against the best in the business.

Since we'll probably be robbed of the privilege, let's focus on what we will see tonight. Probably a whole lot of uncontested dunks. For all their hustle and pace-pushing on the offensive end, the Sixers are woefully bad at getting back on defense, balancing the floor and basic rotations when they do find themselves running a half-court defense. Paul will have his pick of recipients of his oops. I'll put it this way: You can say a lot of things about the Doug Collins' Sixers, but they knew how to defend. It was pretty much the only thing they did well. Fundamental defense. The Clippers laughed at the Doug Collins D. What are they going to do to this poor group of also-rans?

Anyway, if you're looking for cracks in the Clipper armor, there aren't as many as there used to be. You can always attack Griffin's defense, that hasn't changed. On the offensive end, sag off him as far as possible and hope he takes jumpers all night. Foul DeAndre Jordan when he gets the ball (though he's improved to a 65% FT shooter this season). Thad needs to make Griffin work. Hawes needs to pull Jordan out of the lane, someone needs to give Ryan Hollins a piss test and if at all possible, encourage Willie Green and Byron Mullens to "take over" when they get on the floor.

The tip is at 7pm. I'm back to work so won't be around but I'll check in later. Enjoy.
by Brian on Dec 9 2013
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