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Mark Jackson Is On the Radar?

Phil Jasner and Bob Cooney have teamed up to add another name to the Sixers coaching search list, and unfortunately they've removed one as well. ESPN analyst Mark Jackson's hat has apparently been thrown in the ring. Quick thoughts, quicker poll and your thoughts after the jump.
I hate to be closed minded, but how much can we possibly know about the type of coach Mark Jackson would be. Here's what I know about him: (1) He was a decent point guard in the league for a long time. (2) His conditioning deteriorated as he grew older. (3) He's a loudmouthed color analyst for ESPN who contributes little more than knee-jerk hyperbolic statements throughout the game, gems like "Kobe is a killer." (4) He's been blatantly lobbying for a head coaching job for years on ESPN, to no avail. (5) He's basically been completely unwilling to pay his dues as an assistant (if you want to take a negative view of things) or learn what it actually takes to coach a team in this league (if you're into realism).

What type of coach is Jackson? No one knows. What type of systems will he use in Philly? No one knows. Does he stress defense over offense? No one knows. Can he manage the personalities in the locker room? No one knows. Can he handle the press? No one knows. Some of these unknowns are going to be present no matter who you pick to coach your team, but with assistants, you at least have some kind of idea what type of coach they will be. With Jackson the only thing we can possibly go on is his work on ESPN, and even if he came across as smart on those broadcasts (which he assuredly does not), would that be enough to warrant hiring him to coach your team? Especially on the heels of hiring a complete buffoon less than a year ago?

Vote in the poll below, your thoughts in the comments.

For the record, I don't see any way in hell Ed Stefanski could possibly make this hire. No way.

Almost forgot, the name that was removed from the list was my #1 choice, Jeff Van Gundy. The spin is he likes the talent on the roster, but isn't interested in getting back to coaching.

Here's my amended short list, as of this morning:

1. Jeff Van Gundy
2. Mike Budenholzer (Spurs) maybe Tyrone Corbin (Utah assistant, but he may not have been with Sloan long enough for my money). Phil Johnson has been Jerry Sloan's right-hand man for 18 years, but I think he's too old, and he's also been around the block as a head coach. I think he's probably best in the role he's in right now. Thibodeau may fall into this category as well, though I have to believe his social skills are just terrible if he hasn't landed a job yet.
3. Brad Stevens
by Brian on May 3 2010
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