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Marreese Speights: P vs. P

It's rare that you'll find an opinion on a Sixer shared among virtually all the fans. Marreese Speights is pretty much that rarity personified. Even his most ardent supporters have given up the ghost on Speights at this point, and it's not hard to see why. He's up today in the prediction vs. performance series, stats and thoughts to follow.

Here's the link to my preseason prediction, and now the numbers.

Well, I think Speights is the first prediction where I tragically overshot the mark. Speights was healthy the entire season and played about half the minutes I had him pegged for. This is made even worse when you consider the late trade of Jason Smith (and acquisition of Darius Songaila) actually made Speights' barrier to entry of the rotation even lower than the remarkably low level it was set at previously. Simply put, Speights had a golden opportunity and completely pissed it away.

Collins gave everyone a clean slate when this season began. Throughout the season, he gave everyone on the roster a legitimate shot to earn minutes, even Songaila and Kapono. Speights did nothing with his minutes. He put more effort into bitching on Twitter about his lack of playing time than defending anyone when he was on the floor.

If Speights has any trade value left, which I seriously doubt at this point, I hope they look to move him. I don't know, maybe there's someone out there who still buys into his offensive potential. Personally, I think he has a lot of work to do on that end of the floor before you can even consider him a legit one-dimensional player. For starters, he could work on taking the ball to the rim. This past season he attempted 159 shots outside of 10 feet (129 outside of 16) to only 97 at the rim. Speights is the only big on the roster who has anywhere near the athletic ability to finish on the inside and instead he chose to stand on the perimeter and heave up shots whenever he touched the ball.

Marreese's playing time next season will be another KPI for the performance of the front office. If he plays more minutes than he did this season, they probably didn't make the needed moves to add two legit centers to the front of the rotation.