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Meeks For The Three-Point Shootout?

Now that the Sixers have their representatives in both the JV game (Evan Turner) and the main event (Andre Iguodala) for All-Star weekend, let's take a look at whether Jodie Meeks deserves an invite to the three-point shootout.

Just from looking at the leader board, Meeks might have a case. He's seventh in the league in made threes (52), and 18th in percentage (44.1%). Only Mario Chalmers has made as many threes as Meeks at a higher percentage (46.4%). Those numbers bode well, but there are a couple of guys who are shooting and making a ton. Ryan Anderson leads the league in makes by 15, and he's shooting 43% from downtown. Ray Allen should probably have a standing invite, he's hitting at a ridiculous 54%. I saw word on Twitter earlier that Kevin Love would compete (which will take a slot away from one of the great shooters in the league).

There are six shooters invited. Figure one spot for Love, if that rumor is legit. Ryan Anderson has to get an invite. So you've got four spots for guys like Ray Allen, Anthony Morrow (59 makes, 44%), maybe Chalmers, Kyle Korver (50 makes, 43.9%), Durant probably has a standing invitation, and last year's winner James Jones could get the nod to defend his title (Jones is shooting it well, but barely playing. Chalmers and Mike Miller probably deserve it over him.)

You can definitely make the case that Meeks deserves an invite, which leads nicely into the next question. How would he do in the competition? Meeks is absolutely deadly with his feet set and his shoulders squared to the hoop. That's the good news. The bad news is that he elevates quite a bit on his shot. It's repeatable, but when you're taking 25 shots in quick succession like that, the legs typically give out before the arms and it becomes harder to reproduce your form. The guys who shoot more flat-footed typically fare better in this competition. Think Larry Bird, his shot was a flick of the wrist. Very little body movement at all.

Here's to hoping Meeks gets the nod and represents Philly well, but I wouldn't expect him to bring home the cup (or whatever the reward is).

Thus concludes our morning interlude. We'll get back to meaningful hoops talk a little later with a full preview of tonight's matchup with the Clippers of Los Angeles. In the mean time, what do you think? Should Meeks get the invite? If he does, do you think he has a shot? Do you care either way? Thoughts in the comments, as usual.
by Brian on Feb 10 2012
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