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Melo's Third Wheel - Orlando Edition

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The latest team rumored to have interest in acquiring Carmelo Anthony is the Orlando Magic, according to this article. Apparently, no one but Dwight Howard is off limits in their pursuit of Melo (and Chris Paul), so let's take a look at their roster and see if the Sixers could somehow worm their way into a deal.

Here's one way the deal could work

  • TO DEN: Iguodala, Kapono, Vince Carter, Brandon Bass, Mickael Pietrus
  • TO ORL: Nocioni, Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin
  • TO PHI: Marcin Gortat, J.R. Smith

On the floor, this trade kills the Sixers. No two ways about it. Talent-wise, you're pinning all your hopes on Marcin Gortat being able to step in as a 35-minute starter at the five, fill the gaping defensive hole in the middle for the Sixers, and provide something on offense as well. Odds are, he's never going to impact the team as much as Iguodala. Financially, though, this move would drastically swing the team's cap (and bottom line) situation. This season, the Sixers would save $12.7M, next year, they'd save $13.39M. Total savings = $26,147,629.

Orlando gets Melo, and probably parts with a couple of first-round picks of very low value.

Denver gets Iguodala and a series of contracts that expire either this summer or next. The problem with this deal is that I don't know what the mindset is in Denver right now, and I'm also not sure how much legitimate interest there is in Melo. If Denver really wants Iguodala, which has been rumored, this could be the best deal they're going to get that involves him.

Would I do it? No. Essentially, we're talking about Gortat + cap space for Iguodala, which isn't enough for me.

What do you guys think? Would you pull the trigger? Would either of the other teams? Can you come up with another permutation that works for you?

Here's one that may be more advantageous to the Sixers.