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Miami Keeps The Door Wide Open

Well, Miami continues to do its part. They coughed up a fourth quarter lead at home to Orlando tonight. The Sixers again control their own destiny. Miami still holds a 1-game lead, but they're even in the loss column. None of the other important teams played tonight. Possibly the biggest development was Orlando continuing to push for the number two seed. Given the choice between Boston and Orlando in the first round, who do you want?

One more thing about the Miami/Orlando game. ESPN is making a big deal out of Howard passing Wilt Chamberlain for a rebounding record. Specifically, he just overcame Wilt's record for the youngest player to 5,000 rebounds. Before you go ga ga over Howard's accomplishment, check out the number of games it took Wilt to get there vs. the number it took Howard. Wilt was 23 when he came into the league, the same age Howard is right now, in his 5th season.
by Brian on Mar 30 2009
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