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Might Be A Starter


With the trade-deadline departures, Nerlens Noel was basically the last man standing on this roster of offcasts, retreads and misfits. In his elevated role (elevated equals a usage rate of about 19%), Noel has upped his offensive game to the point where he might not be a huge detriment on that end of the floor.

Noel's season TS% number of .489 is atrociously low, but over the past two months (.548 and .529) he's been passable, and passable is good enough to keep him on the floor for his defense. Is 22-games enough of a sample-size to say he's progressed to the point where we should ignore his hands-of-stone and 45% shooting from the field? If you're an optimist, why the hell not? There's nothing else to hang your hat on when you root for this god-forsaken team, so have at it.

If the lottery gods don't hand the #1 pick to the Knicks and the Sixers somehow get the #1 pick, who do you want?
by Brian on Mar 23 2015
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