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Part three of the series features Mikael Pietrus, a guy who fell out of Don Nelson's favor in Golden State.

  • Unrestricted Free Agent
  • 2007 Salary: $3,470,770 (Golden State)
Thoughts On The Player

Pietrus is a tricky player to judge. In the helter skelter Golden State offense he could be explosive off the bench, but he's kind of a tweener and not really a deadly outside shooter (36% from 3, which is better than anyone on the Sixers, but not exactly deadly).

He's athletic, long and fast, so obviously he'd fit in with the Sixers style of play, but would he really be an upgrade over Carney off the bench? I have my doubts.

Thoughts on Likelihood

He talked and played his way out of Golden State, and he's an unrestricted free agent, so he can be had. I'm not sure what kind of contract he's going to demand, but my gut tells me that it'll be for somewhere around $5M/year over 4 or 5. Too much for him, as far as I'm concerned.

Would he fit in with the Sixers? Would you like to see him coming off the bench to help stretch the floor a little bit and maybe add some length on the wing? Or would he just be more of the same, and not really fill a need?

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