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Miller And Salmons Traded To Chicago

http://www.depressedfan.com/img/bradmiller021809.jpgNot that Miller, we're talking about Brad Miller. Here are the details of the trade:

Chicago gets: Brad Miller, John Salmons
Sacramento gets: Andres Nocioni, Drew Gooden, and Cedric Simmons from Chicago. Ike Diago from Portland
Portland gets: Michael Ruffin

I have to say, Sacramento got fleeced in this deal. The talent was obviously lopsided, but that isn't what really bothers me here. It's the fact that Sacramento gave up the most talent AND took back the worst contract, by far, involved in the deal. Nocioni is really a garbage player, and he's signed for 5 years/$35M+.

I'm not sure how trades like this happen, but I'd absolutely love it if the Sixers could find themselves on the winning end of one of them some day.

I'm wondering if the Bulls may not be done. I'm not sure where Salmons is going to find his minutes on that team. Good move for Chicago, possibly enough to put them into the playoffs.
by Brian on Feb 18 2009
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