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Miller's Getting His Legs Under Him

andremiller1210.jpgLost in the horrible team performances the Sixers have been turning in lies Andre Miller's quietly efficient play at the point.

The hope coming into the season was that Miller would transition back to more of a pass-first point. It hasn't happened to this point, but I think the fault for that doesn't lie with him but with the coaches and his teammates' inability to knock down shots.

After a dubious start which saw him looking out of sync and sluggish, Miller has turned it on over the past seven games.

Check after the jump to see some pretty impressive splits for our point guard.


I heard a lot of talk about how Miller was done early in the season and how Stefanski made a huge mistake by not upgrading the PG position. They were premature. He's been the Sixers best player over the past seven and honestly their best option in the half court.

His shooting percentage is up almost 5 percent, 14.1 shots/game may be too many, but I don't think you can really complain when he's averaging 1.4 points/shot. He's crashing the boards, causing more turnovers and most importantly, attacking the rim. 7.3 FTA/game is almost 3 above his career average. 2.1 turnovers/game is also way below his career average, and a very good number for a point.

The moral of the story is that Andre Miller has not lost a step. He hasn't fallen off a cliff, production-wise. Is the team leaning on him too much at this point? Absolutely, but it's vital for this team that he can get his own shot and force the issue when he needs to. As the season wears on, and the team hopefully finds its rhythm, Miller's attempts should go down and he should go back to being a guy who runs the offense 90% of the time, but asserts himself when the situation calls for it.

I think we can safely say that Miller's head is screwed on straight at this point. Now we have to keep him that way and get a couple other guys on the same page and things should start to fall into place.

by Brian on Dec 11 2008
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