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Minimizing Expectations

When the Sixers step on the floor in Boston later tonight, they'll be the 19th team to try to knock off the Celtics over the past 5 weeks. The first 18 have failed.

I could use this preview to talk about the Sixers big win in Boston late last year, but neither team even remotely looks like the version of itself from back then. Things have gotten so easy for the Celts that they seem to be finding ways to amuse themselves in winning these games. In their past two games, Rajon Rondo led them in scoring once and Kendrick Perkins scored 25 in the other. It's almost as if they're toying with teams, the big three picking some bit player's stats to pad on a nightly basis.

My only hope going into this game is that they don't get embarrassed. I hate the Celtics. My hatred of that franchise, and really that city, rivals my hatred of the Cowgirls. When the two teams met last month I actually cheered when Speights decked Scalabrine late in the game.

I'd love nothing more than to tell you the Sixers have a chance in this game, but they don't. A win would be nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

Just so you don't consider me a Scrooge, I'll leave you with one thought. On that night back in March Andre Iguodala abused Paul Pierce and Samuel Dalembert locked Kevin Garnett down on defense during their massive comeback. No matter what has happened this season, the Sixers have guys who are capable of stepping up on both sides of the ball. If there going to keep this one respectable, they'll need all of them to bring their best.

The tip is at 7:30 and unfortunately, I think all us League Pass viewers will be stuck with Boston's insane racist broadcast team.

I'll be watching live, so stop by during the game and join the discussion.
by Brian on Dec 23 2008
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