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MLE Target: J.J. Redick

I'm not saying the Sixers should use the mid-level exception, I'm not even sure it's an option. If, however, it is on the table, J.J. Redick is a really, really good fit.

First, take a look at these two lineups. I'm assuming the Sixers will come out of the draft with either Turner or Favors.

With Favors, this is your starting lineup:

PG: Holiday
SG: Redick
SF: Iguodala
PF: Favors
C: Dalembert

With Turner, this is the small lineup you can use to turn the heat up on other teams:

PG: Holiday
SG: Redick
SF: Turner
PF: Iguodala
C: Dalembert

Redick gives you the shooter you need off the bench, at a minimum, but I think he can also give you much more. He's a smart and effective defender. Not a lock-down guy, by any means, but he knows what he's doing, he knows what position to be in, and he anticipates plays well. He's not a negative on that end of the floor. As far as jump shooters go, he was really in elite company this past season. In either of the lineups I mentioned above, he'd act as a deterrent against other teams packing the lane against the Sixers. If teams didn't account for him, he'd bury them from three.

After toiling on Orlando's bench for the better part of three seasons, Redick saw 20+ minutes/game this past year. His efficiency numbers were through the roof. He'll turn 26 later this month, but a guy with his game should age well.

Redick isn't a star. He probably isn't even a starter on most teams, but on the Sixers, he could really excel. No matter who the Sixers take in the draft this season, they're guaranteed to have two excellent playmakers on the floor at all times. They've got guys with size advantages who can, and will, post up. They've got drive and kick guys. If they could land Redick to be the recipient of those kicks, they'd be one step closer.

There's one problem, though. Redick is a restricted free agent. If Orlando wants to keep him, they can. Last summer, no one expected the Magic to match Dallas' offer for Marcin Gortat, but they did. Personally, I don't see this as much of an issue. If you have the MLE at your disposal, and you like Redick, go ahead and make him the offer. He's not a full MLE guy, he's probably deserving of a contract somewhere around what they gave Lou Williams, but I believe his value on the court would be much, much greater. If you're able to work out the terms of a contract with Redick, you may even be able to work a sign-and-trade with the Magic sending Lou out in the process. If the Magic wind up matching the offer, well, so be it. The future of the franchise doesn't hinge on the guy, I just feel like he'd be an excellent fit.
by Brian on Jun 7 2010
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