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Mo CheeksUPDATE (4:24PM): ESPN is now saying it's a one-year extension. The team is covering itself here with a short-term deal. I'm not sure I like the length. If they go out and get a star or superstar level talent next year, you want him to come into a settled situation. From the team's perspective, they leave themselves the option of bringing in someone new if Cheeks runs into problems with a more talented roster, which he has in the past.

The AP is reporting that it's a done deal. No terms have been disclosed.

I've had my problems with Mo over the past couple of years, much less so since Webber and Iverson left town and he was able to mold this team in his image. Whatever he lacks in the "x's and o's" area of coaching, he more than makes up for with his motivational skills.

I think this extension is a pretty good sign that the Sixers aren't going to do anything drastic before tomorrow's 3 p.m. trade deadline. Management seems confident in Mo, and pleased with what he's done with this young roster (last night's game excluded, I suppose). I can't say that I disagree with that notion.

It looks like we've got our coach for the next couple of years, now let's get him some more playoff experience this year and more tools to work with next year.

One last thing, Mo has not coached like a lame duck coach this season, and he absolutely never said a word about his contract situation. He's made it work in a tough situation.
by Brian on Feb 20 2008
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