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Every week or so we'll take a look at who the experts think the Sixers will take with the #16 pick in the upcoming draft. Just a quick and dirty post with links...

There's a small sampling to get us started on our draft coverage.

My initial thought is that the #16 pick isn't the ideal place to fill the low-post need. Usually guys who are game-changers at the PF position aren't available that late in the draft. Some of these guys won't be available, DeAndre Jordan notable among them, and the ones who will be available are long-term projects. Speights does intrigue me, though.

Call me crazy, but I think this pick should be used to get a shooter. Just about every mock draft has Chase Budinger falling past the 16 pick. I like the idea of taking Budinger with this pick and adding a needed shooter without burning up cap space on a guy like Matt Carroll. Brandon Rusch is another guy who I'd give serious consideration to. They're both 6'7", excellent size for a two guard. Honestly, I think either one of them could step right into the starting lineup and provide a huge upgrade over Willie Green.

What do you guys think? Hoping the Sixers will find a way to trade up? Go big with the pick? Hope one of the PGs drops to us (Augustin or Westbrook) to shore up the future of that position?
by Brian on May 23 2008
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