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Monday Afternoon Housekeeping

Thumbnail image for Reggie brought energy off the bench, but it just wasn't enough. (ap)
  • The Sixers continue their slide down Marc Stein's power rankings. They're at #17 now, behind the Bucks and the Bulls. Ugh. Here's his quote:

    Going into All-Star Weekend, Philly could pretend to ignore how Elton Brand's first season in town unfolded thanks to a 14-4 run. Road losses to Indy and Miami since coming back to work have changed the mood.
  • Bernand Fernandez has a piece on Willie Green's current shooting slump. Apparently Willie believes he'll snap out of this slump if he just keeps shooting and stays positive. I'm wondering if a six-year career of miserable shooting should be referred to as a slump. The money quote from this story came from Iguodala: "Willie is a very valuable asset to our team. As long as he plays with confidence, he's going to turn it around."
  • The Sixers won't raise ticket prices for 2009-2010, in fact, they're going to make more discount tickets available.
  • Miller is still hurting, but he plans to play tonight. I suppose I can live with a gimpy Miller dropping another 30.
  • Kate Fagan talks a little bit about the tough schedule the Sixers have faced since the break. Here's the paragraph that really stands out to me:
    Of concern since the break has been the Sixers' fastbreak game, which leads the league in points but has been slowed considerably. On Saturday, the Heat limited the Sixers to four points in transition - about 14 below their average.

    Get back into the transition game and the shooting percentages will rise.
  • Hopefully, that'll be enough to get you through your Monday until game time. I'll have my preview up in a couple of hours.
by Brian on Feb 23 2009
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