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Monday Afternoon Links

Links, get it?It's been a slow news day, so I'll give you guys a few links to ponder this afternoon.

  • Jordan takes a look at Andre Miller with and without Elton Brand. For the record, I think Miller's shooting woes were due to his typical slow start, rather than Brand.
  • Dannie wonders if the Sixers have turned the corner.
  • Hollinger's stat-based rating system has the Sixers at #15. Hard to argue with.
  • Stein has the Sixers ranked #20, behind the Bucks who they just beat in Milwaukee, the Bobcats who they just beat and the 15-22 Raptors. Sounds logical.
  • Kate Fagan says the Atlanta win finally gives us reason to hope. "Andre Iguodala. He was the best player on the floor tonight." Amen.
  • Jasner thinks DiLeo has made a difference. Unbelievably, I agree.
  • Is shooting more threes a good idea? My answer: Yes. You hope the percentage will go up, but the basic philosophy behind shooting threes when you're open is that eventually teams will have to cover us behind the line. Which will open up driving lanes and give guys room to work on the interior. It's been working so far, and the percentages have sky rocketed.
Here's a quick list of the players I've seen mentioned in trade rumors over the past several days, anyone interest you guys? (none of them have been linked to the Sixers)
  • Mike Conley Jr.
  • Raymond Felton
  • David Lee
  • Ramon Sessions
  • Joe Alexander
  • Nazr Mohammed
  • Desagana Diop
  • Earl Watson
  • Jerry Stackhouse
  • Brandon Bass
  • Larry Hughes
  • Chris Kaman
  • Charlie Villaneuva
  • Michael Redd
by Brian on Jan 12 2009
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