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Monday Housekeeping

sammyhawk.jpgJust a few quick links and notes to get you through the off day. Make sure to check out Don't Boo The Birds for a preview of tonight's big Eagles game against the Browns as well.

  • The +/- worksheet has been updated. Leading the team in net effect are Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala, which seems about right.
  • Phil Jasner snagged a couple of quotes from both Stefanski and DiLeo about the direction of the team. Stefanski said he has had no contact with any coach outside of the organization.
  • Kate Fagan thinks the upcoming killer road trip will show us who the DiLeo-led Sixers really are. Can't say I disagree with that assessment. I'd only add that the three games leading up to that trip will hopefully be a good way to gain some positive momentum against lesser teams.
  • John Gonzalez is apparently Philadelphia sports journalism's latest over-the-top extremist voice. (Replacing Stephen A. Smith). He talks about attendance in his latest rant, I wonder how many people are listening. He's also apparently given himself the nickname, "Gonzo," which is both original and telling. Douche.
  • The competition for replacement coaches just got a little stiffer. Sactown fired Reggie Theus, which is actually good news because he's now free to reprise his role on "Hang Time."
That's all I have. Enjoy the Eagles game tonight. Hope the Sixers are havng productive practices.
by Brian on Dec 15 2008
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