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Monta + Lee = Not Nearly Enough

It seems like wraps fall into one of two categories: either a blowout win over a bad team or a heartbreaking loss to a good team. This one was the former as the Sixers made a fool of the apple of so many fans' eyes, Monta Ellis. The man who made him look the fool? None other than Andre Iguodala, the one so many want to trade for Ellis. (game capsule)

Here's your rotation chart. I highlighted the beginning of the first, third and fourth quarters and then the second unit in the first because it was an odd substitution pattern that I thought took the pressure off the Warriors and kept them in the game longer than they should've been:

Bullets only today:

  • I'm sure a lot of people will say Lou should get player of the game, and it was certainly nice of him to show up for the fourth quarter in this game (when it really wasn't needed) since he's been absent in the fourth for so many other games (when it really was needed) but turning a 10-point win into a blowout doesn't get you POTG.
  • Solid game from Jrue (5/9, 13 points), Brand (5/12, 14 points, 14 boards), Lavoy (5/7, 10 points, 7 boards in only 20 minutes) and Thad (6/13, 16 points, 7 boards in 28 minutes)
  • The Voose got his burn despite the poor play against OKC, and looked pretty bad again. Hope he snaps out of it soon
  • Meeks is still in a cold streak from three, and was using his dribble far too much for my taste. He was limited to 21 minutes.
  • Turner looked better to me. He was at least getting into the lane instead of heaving jumpers, but it didn't translate into more production (2/6, 4 points) or more minutes (17).
  • Overall, the Sixers played really strong defense against one of the best offenses in the league (albeit minus Steph Curry), took care of the basketball and dominated the defensive glass (85% DREB rate). That's a recipe for success.

Player of The Game: Iguodala gets the nod because he's the reason they won the game, rather than the reason for the blowout. Monta Ellis came out and scored 12 quick points (on one layup and a series of stupid shots that fell). When Iguodala switched onto him, he couldn't even get those stupid shots off. AI9 didn't score efficiently (5/12, 1/3, 1/2 for 12 points), but he dominated the glass with 11 defensive boards, handed out 6 assists, only turned the ball over once and turned the "scoring machine" into a pile of goo with his lockdown defense. This wasn't a tough call for POTG.
Team Record: 22-15
Up Next: Los Bulls. On Sunday night
Jrue's Goal: 0 to 2. Failure. Good game for Jrue, but not a single trip to the line. (2-7-2 since inception).

Apologies for the brevity, but I'm playing the busy weekend card. Bulls preview up late tonight/early tomorrow. Big game.