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First, read this post. I'll wait....

Now take a look at the wins the Sixers have posted against playoff teams and playoff hopefuls since I wrote that post.

  • Orlando
  • @ Phoenix
  • @ Detroit
  • San Antonio
  • Denver
  • New Jersey
  • @ Boston
So we can add the following names to the list of players from the previous post...

  • Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, Hedo Turkuglu
  • Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Shaq
  • Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace
  • Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Tim Duncan
  • Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, Marcus Camby
  • Vince Carter
  • Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen
If you aren't impressed by this Sixers team, you don't have a pulse. If you don't think the teams at the top of the Eastern Conference are praying they miss the Sixers in the first round, you're just wrong. This team is for real.
by Brian on Mar 25 2008
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